Who needs a marketing strategy?

Every Business Owner

Lift your marketing efforts with a customized marketing strategy aligned to your business goals, implementation planning, and valuable market intelligence.


Lift is a standalone marketing foundation package that provides everything you need to market your business effectively and start seeing results.

We work with you to build a marketing strategy completely aligned to your business strategy and goals, backed by market intelligence. From there, we help you prioritize and plan the marketing initiatives that are going to have the biggest impact. Whether you want your marketing to help you grow, overcome a plateau, enter a new market, launch a new product, or achieve any one of the common goals business owners have, Lift provides the foundation required to do so efficiently and effectively. 

An impactful marketing strategy will help you:

Build Brand

Get in front of more potential customers and clients and let them know how you can meet their needs.

Support Sales
& Drive Leads

Bring the right kind of customers to you, making the job of sales easier with more high quality leads.


Maximize current revenue streams, launch new products and services, or expand your business to new markets.


"Forward Level takes the time to understand your business strategy and how marketing ‘fits’ with that strategy.

You don’t have a business strategy? Well, Forward Level will help you kick it off. Forward Level are not ‘yes-people’ who simply agree with you and your ideas. They listen carefully, understand you, and then suggest marketing strategies that are truly unique and effective. That’s real value.”

Kim G C Moody FCPA, FCA, TEP | CEO, Director, Canadian Tax Advisory

Here's what's included when you sign up for Lift.


Competitive Analysis Report

Discover who your top 10 competitors are and how you are different. This research will compare brand management, messaging, engagement on social, and service offering analysis.


Audience Personas

Reveal your customer's common
pain points, demographics, and
personality so your marketing
can appeal to their needs on a
deeper level.


Marketing Strategy

Build a marketing strategy that aligns with your short and long-term business goals. Better understand your company’s dangers, opportunities, and strengths.


Marketing Implementation Plan

A strategic marketing implementation
plan that maps out large initiatives,
projects, and focus areas
for the year ahead.

Customized marketing strategy and plan

that meets your unique business needs.


8 weeks


Facilitated half day session and weekly meetings (in-person and online)


Starting at $15,000 CAD

(the cost of one conference you shouldn't have sponsored)

Lift doesn’t come in a box. Instead, you get an experienced marketing team that includes strategists, brand builders, advisors, and researchers working with you every step of the way.


Marketing helps with many common aspects of

running a successful business:

Support sales and drive quality leads

Grow revenue

Build brand awareness

Expand into new markets or industries

Launch new products or services

Increase client retention and happiness

Recruitment and retention of staff

How can an effective marketing strategy help your business? An effective marketing strategy aligns with business goals, lays the groundwork for your marketing initiatives, and helps you quickly understand how to utilize marketing to move your business forward. With a solid strategy, you can be confident that your marketing efforts are focused in the right direction.

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